How How intercourse with the Most Hot Couple

Obat Kuat – Of the many styles of sex that you may know there are at least 7 of the hottest sex style and favored by many couples while having sex or making love .

Making love for Smith and Yuli has become part of their daily lives. At the age of marriage is entered into this 4 years , their sex life is fine even though they already have 2 children .

Smith is a hard worker at a construction company was satisfied with her ​​romance with Yuli , his wife . Shag style that we recognize quite a lot but there are some styles that we were both like it even Yuli claimed her husband becinta favorite style so far.

Missionary style

This style of sex they have known since the times of going out first . Although not to have sex but are overlain by Yuli position Smith had them run even though they knew his name was Gaya Missionary after they were married .
At Missionary style , women are under and above males . This style is not recommended if your wife is understood because it can be painful for her .
Women on Top , Men at the Bottom ( Woman on Top )
For Yuli Style Woman on Top is his favorite style . Yuli said , by being on top of her husband ‘s body , she can control themselves and set a comfortable position for him . Doing this model style of sex , according to Yuli excited him and quickly reach orgasm .
Woman on top in style , women hold more control than in men . This romance style is usually in lakoni by a couple young couple who just got married .

Style Scoop

Style make this one similar to the spoon . Where stands beside wife sex position lying next to her husband . Temporal husband is behind a wife and penetration with both hands free to hold or embrace his wife from behind .

Faced Sex Style Scoop

This style is married to each other but berseblahan sleeping face to face . One of the wives in the leg lift to give her husband a chance to penetrate . Love this style is perfect if you are pregnant wife .

Each style of sex position

This style is usually done in a fairly harsh repose . The wife sits on husbands lap in position facing each other . Then the husband to penetrate from the front .
Love this style makes hands -free on both sides making out with each other and also great opportunity . While performing penetration could put his arm around her husband ‘s wife or husband can hug her body tightly.

Doggie Style

Style doggie style usually is preferable by men because his wife ‘s curves will look clear and pelvis and buttocks looked very beautiful wife makes him very happy .
In addition , it makes the vagina doggie style wife becomes denser and the position of the penis can enter the vagina full . Disadvantage if it does not do foreplay first, the woman will usually feel very sick .

Non – penetrative sex

For an alternative style of sex that can be a good choice for emergency cases is non- penetration sex style . Sex is not to insert the penis into the vagina , but by way of stimulating or hugging each other till orgasm .

For Yuli and Smith , shag styles are very much just a real headache . Now they have 7 favorite sex style and they re always from day to day .
Whatever style you choose , nikamtilah your sex life with your partner . If at this time you do not find the best style for you both continue to try to explore the various styles that you might both enjoy.


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